Huma's Door

Huma Abedin retained deleted e-mails of Hillary Clinton's inside a folder marked "life insurance" and reduce a cope with the FBI.
Shortly soon after news broke on 28 October 2016 that further Clinton e-mails were potentially positioned on a laptop or computer linked with aide Huma Abedin, rumors circulated that thousands of potentially incriminating documents had been identified in a pc folder titled "life insurance coverage," and that Abedin had reduce a take care of investigators:
The "life insurance" claim (which bore some similarity towards the long-circulating Clinton physique bags rumor) appeared to hit a tipping point together with the tweet reproduced right here, and several articles all cited that single uncorroborated item (which could have been meant as a wry joke).

A slightly earlier tweet expressed exactly the same notion, but once again with no supply link or reference:
We were unable to locate any descriptive claims (credible or anecdotal) involving Huma Abedin's purported "life insurance" folder that appeared before these tweets. Having said that, not long ahead of they showed up on Twitter, a commenter on the web web site Zero Hedge produced a similar remark (in what appeared to be a joking reference for the "body count" rumor):
Articles containing the "life insurance" folder claimed cited only the tweets as a source. A well-known connected rumor held that Abedin "cut a deal" or negotiated using the Federal Bureau of Investigation, presumably in relation to a criminal investigation into Clinton:

On 30 October 2016, multiple blog posts claimed Abedin had "turned on" Clinton and began "negotiating" together with the FBI:
Even so, the context of your supply material made it clear that CNN reported Huma Abedin was "cooperative together with the investigation," not "cooperating with investigators." The former suggested compliance with out resistance, while the latter hinted Abedin was assisting law enforcement agents to safeguard herself in an attempt to create a case against Clinton.

In the time the rumors started circulating, tiny was recognized regarding the 28 October 2016 e-mail investigation improvement (offering scant basis for informed speculation). No substantiated details suggests that Abedin expected or sought immunity, or that she maintained a "life insurance" folder.